Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CWR 18 - "The End, A Beginning" - Bail Organa's Tale

Clone Wars Resolutions is taking a short break to put the finishing touches on our big finale event, "Final Resolutions," but today's vignette will hopefully leave you wanting more! Bail Organa is a character that we've wanted closure for since well before The Clone Wars series aired, so we decided to take that opportunity now! Written by Jazz Kopecek Rathore and illustrated by Star Wars artist Chris Dee (with another amazing guest cover by Kaela Croft), we take a brief look at Bail's life between the events of Episode III and IV. We hope you enjoy it, and all the other fun surprises we share this week, leading up to "Final Resolutions!"

You can get the PDF here, and the CBZ file here!