Friday, January 1, 2016

CWR 23 - "Another Day" - Final Resolutions V

"Another Day" was conceived in the absolute eleventh hour before releasing. We decided that while we explained why Rex wasn't around for Revenge of the Sith, we still had no idea what happened to him afterwards. Following the heels of all the chaos and mayhem in "Remembered," we thought we needed a much happier ending for our lovable Clone Captain Rex, and a quieter moment to close our massive "Final Resolutions" story arc with.

One more fun side note: Writer and Star Wars Artist Joe Hogan finished this less than a week before it was revealed at Celebration Anaheim that Rex would return in Rebels. Just one of the many obstacles we knew we'd face putting this project together! If you can suspend your belief one more time, we hope you enjoy our take on Rex's fate.

Download the PDF here. Download the CBZ file here.