Monday, May 25, 2015

CWR 15 - "Who We Were" - Ryloth Part II

Today's vignette is written by the one and only Jazz Kopecek Rathore and illustrated by Star Wars artist duo Chris Dee and Joe Hogan. On the other side of the battlefield, Ryloth's forces new young leader, Numa, has begun advancing her forces to meet the Galactic Empire's might head-on. Will she come out victorious? Or will she be another footnote in the story of the Empire's conquest across the galaxy? We hope you enjoy this vignette (and don't hate us too much!).

You can get the PDF here. You can get the CBZ file here.


  1. Nooo! Not Numa! This is going to kill Boil...

  2. Actually, this should have Cham Syndulla in it because it is a canonical fact that he led a resistance against the Galactic Empire.

    1. haha We know. When we first started this project in 2013, we knew we'd eventually get contradicted by a lot of the canon that would be to come. This entire project has almost been contradicted. When we were almost ready to launch, we found out about a TON of new material that would be contradicting our work entirely. So, our philosophy is to just enjoy it for what it work. :) It took so long to produce that there was nothing we could do by the time we released. haha