Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CWR 9 - "Justice" - Commander Fox's Tale

"Justice" came about during the first brainstorming session among the writing team while we asked ourselves "which Clones did we want to see more of?" Fox was one of the first, right after Wolffe (who I am glad we made the decision to leave alone since he's Dave Filoni's favorite...See you in Rebels, Wolffe!). Especially during season 5's finale story arc, Commander Fox definitely struck as as the clone that would have zero problem following Order 66 to the letter, well before we learned that implanted brain chips played any role in it. We lost our collective minds when amazing digital artist Brandon Dunn came onto the project specifically to take on this story. It may be one of the shorter vignettes on the project, but we're confident you'll enjoy Brandon's amazing interpretation of our script!

Download the PDF here. Download the CBZ file here.

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